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Online Florist Reviews

online florist reviews

    online florist
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Cream & Sugar Cafe

Cream & Sugar Cafe

Upon arriving at the Comfort Inn, Brian picked up the Cave City Times, a tiny newspaper serving Cave City, which houses Mammoth Cave and not much else. It's a bit north of Bowling Green. Anyway, in the tiny newspaper, which had a local Led Zeppelin cover band on its cover, it mentioned Cream & Sugar Cafe, and there were pretty good reviews online, so we went. The food was great, the atmosphere possibly better. There was surly staff, a grumpy old regular who confused me for someone else asking, "WHERE'S YOUR BOY? WHERE'S YOUR BOY?" I ignored him. Which was hard, given that there was no one else in the restaurant. There was also a kinder, relatively younger regular who showed up and called everyone a "grumpy old man" or "grumpy old woman" and helped out the pregnant waitress, probably because there wasn't much else to do. There was also a (I'm guessing gay) florist who reminded me a big of Taylor from Gilmore Girls. It was all so awesome.

online florist reviews

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