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Boys Before Flower Movie

boys before flower movie

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boys before flower movie - Boys Over

Boys Over Flowers - Korean Drama Complete Set (8 DVDs with English Subtitles)

Boys Over Flowers - Korean Drama Complete Set (8 DVDs with English Subtitles)

Jan Di is an average girl whose family owns a dry cleaning store located near the luxurious and well known Shin Hwa College. Jan Di meets the four richest and most spoiled boys known as the F4. After saving a boy from jumping off the roof of Shinhwa High School, she is admitted into the school on a swimming scholarship. Jan Di tries to avoid confrontation with the F4 at all cost because she knows what happens to those that stand against them. However, when Jan Di's friend, Oh Min Ji, accidentally gets ice cream on the leader of the F4's shoes, she's forced to declare war on the leader of the F4, Goo Joon Pyo.

76% (11)

Scarce Silver-spotted Flambeau - Dione juno juno

Scarce Silver-spotted Flambeau - Dione juno juno

What I'm going to write now, has nothing to do with the photo. Some may not find it particularly interesting, but I feel talky today.
Friday, I went to Gui's house so we would drink wine (Tannat and Tempranillo (Rioja) are my favorites, so far) and watch some movies.
I had taken some nice DVD's, but we decided to watch "The Unborn". There are many flaws in the plot, like most movies... Still, I got jumpy in one or two horrifying scenes.

Very well. Saturday, I spent the afternoon at the Costa farm, playing volleyball with the girls. It was amazingly fun, the first warm weekend in ages. At 8:30 p.m. I had dinner with some friends at Sushi House, my very favorite sushi restaurant in Londrina.
After that, we went to the Lupulus pub, and between an Itaipava chopp (my favorite as well) and another, we talked about many things, then we started to talk about spooky things. And when you are talking about it, it's hilarious, but when you are experiencing it, not so much.
One of the boys started to tell about when he was 2 years old, he got a doll as a present, and it looked a lot like Chucky, the killer doll from the movie "Child's Play". When he was about 5 years old, he watched the movie. That night, after watching the movie, the little boy was tucked into bed, and couldn't take his eyes off his doll, that was just sitting there... very still... on the shelf, lit by the lamp (he was dead afraid of the dark, so he would sleep with the lights on).
He was never bothered by the doll lit by the lamp before, but now (then) it looked sheer evil, staring down at him... waiting. A good few minutes had passed when by no explainable reason the darned doll fell of the shelf!!! The same second the little boy freaked out and started to cry and jump on his bed, calling for mommy.
He gave the doll away the next day.

Then Thais Costa (you've seen her pictures here on flickr) told a short one about her cousin. He is 27 now and is up to this day a bad case of a sleep walker. She said that one day, his parents woke up earlier than usual, and were in the kitchen having breakfast and talking when her cousin just walked in, turned on the stove's gas... then he said: "Good Luck" in a very sinister way and walked back to his bed.
Lol... he is usually a funny sleepwalker, like one day he was pushing the door with all his might, trying to keep the monsters outside, but this time it was creepy. And it's so funny when you try to imagine his parent's expressions! ^.^

Then another girl told the story of her grandmother's television. Her boyfriend confirmed the whole thing. She's from another city and came to town to study at our State University. So she was living with her grandmother who lives here. Her grandmother had gotten the TV as a prize on a sunday's bingo. She had set it to turn on at a programed time, at a certain channel, like an alarm clock. Soon after, she moved to another house and it got somehow damaged, and the remote control was lost.
So they bought a new (universal) remote control and it would work perfectly with everything, except on re-setting or turning off the "alarm". With one plus, it wouldn't now turn on on a certain channel or at the right time. It would turn on at just any given time of the day, and with fuzz/static. The first time it had happened with her (the girl), she thought she was going to die. She thought Samara would come out of the tv to get her. But the worst was when she came back, with her boyfriend, from a party late at night, and as they walked by the living room, all of a sudden, the tv turned on with a boom sound. They were so spooked (and drunk) they almost suffered a heart attack, and their cries woke up everyone in the house!!
Then she was telling us, that she's now got used to it. Lol, while everybody else was saying that they'd get rid of the darn thing the very first day.

All was well, I had had a great day, and I was back home at 3 a.m., and I was either wearing some noisy high heels boots or I was walking as gently as a mammoth stampede down the hill (most probably it was a combination of both). The thing is that, even when I'm under the influence of alcohol, I'm very light and silent. My mother hardly ever notices when I get home. I do this out of respect, and I've grown used to walking in the dark as well, so I don't wake her up.
Right in front of the front door, there's a large window, that in the nights when the moon is bright, it lits everything, so I actually don't need to turn on any lights in the living room. So, as I opened the door, there was this figure, standing still, on a white gown, disheveled hair, looking straight and mad at me, lit by the moon light. A cry died in my throat, and my heart nearly stopped. I got chills all over and before I was able to move or utter a sound, I recognized my mother, who got scared as well, because she thought it was a stranger getting inside the house. I asked her to forgive me for waking her up, and I



French postcard by Editions P.I., Paris, nr. 343. Photo: Staval.

French actor and singer-songwriter (Marcel) Mouloudji (1922-1994) was already a film star at the age of 16. Angelic and raven-curled, he appeared in one film after another, but he is now best remembered for his politically engaged songs, among which Boris Vian's masterpiece Le Deserteur. He was a free and libertarian artist who explored cinema, theatre, painting, writing and of course music.

Marcel Mouloudji was born in Paris in 1922. His father, Said Mouloudji, came from Algeria, where he had worked as a shepherd and farmer before he moved to Paris. In France he became a mason and joined the Communist party. He married a young Breton cleaning woman who was a devote Catholic and bore him two sons, Andre and Marcel. Marcel went with his father to the Communist Party meetings, a party which he felt close to part of his life. Rather a cute child, he got a role in the film Menilmontant (1936, Rene Guissart) at the age of eleven. Besides this, he worked many odd jobs on the street with his brother Andre such as a singer. They enlisted in the Communist youth group Faucons Rouges (Red Falcons) where Marcel and Andre entertained with songs and sketches, and with anti-Fascist, anti-military ballads. In 1935 Marcel met Sylvain Itkine, director of Le Groupe Octobre, an organization affiliated with the Federation des Theatres ouvriers de France (working class theatre). It was then at only the age of thirteen that he had already met the great names in theatre like Jean-Louis Barrault and Roger Blin. His illiterate father lived in a small room after his wife went mad and had to be interned, and he was unable to raise his two sons of which the eldest was very ill. Thus during his adolescence, Marcel was hosted for a period by Jean-Louis Barrault, who introduced him to the art world of Paris. Mouloudji (who came to be known by his surname alone) also took classes with Charles Dullin. In 1936, he performed in his first show Le tableau des Merveilles (The Table of Wonders) inspired by Cervantes and adapted in French by Jacques Prevert. At this time he took part in a large artistic solidarity movement during the great strikes of 1936. This is how with many other artists he played in factories among other places. In parallel to the theatre, Mouloudji started in cinema. Through Jacques Prevert, he met Marcel Carne who gave him a small role as a street singer in Jenny (1936, Marcel Carne) with Francoise Rosay. He then did one film after another. One of the most famous was Les Disparus de St. Agil/Boy’s School (1938, Christian-Jaque) with Erich von Stroheim. At sixteen, tall, raven-curled and angelic Mouloudji was already a star of the French cinema.

At the beginning of the Second World War, Mouloudji fled to the South of France, to Marseille in the unoccupied zone with the Groupe Octobre. On this occasion, he met the singer Francis Lemarque. Despite the chaos of the time, he continued working. He had another film success at the side of Raimu in Les Inconnus dans la maison/Strangers in the House (1942, Henri Decoin) based on a script by Henri-Georges Clouzot in which Mouloudji, played an assassin. Thanks to his brother Andre, Mouloudji avoided doing the Service du Travail Obligatoire (Mandatory work service). Quickly, he returned to Paris where he did a ton of odd jobs semi-clandestinely. He sang at the B?uf sur le Toit and discovered the artistic milieu of Saint-Germain-des-Pres. Mouloudji became one of the leading lights of Parisian literary and theatrical life, and was a regular at the table of Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir at the Cafe Flore and at other Saint-Germain hangouts. Keeping company with the literary world drove him to write a novel, Enrico (1945), at only 20. This book with childhood memories was awarded with the new Prix de la Pleiade (the prize of the Pleiades). In 1943, Mouloudji had met Louise Fouquet, known as Lola-la-Brune, whom he married. She would be his wife and artistic agent until 1969. After the war, he became seriously interested in music and sang songs by Boris Vian or Jacques Prevert in fashionable cabarets. Meanwhile he could also be seen in such films as Boule de Suif/Angel and Sinner (1947, Christian-Jaque) with Micheline Presle, Eaux troubles/Troubled Waters (1949, Henri Calef) as himself, and Nous sommes tous des assassins/We Are All Murderers (1952, Andre Cayatte), a strong polemic against the death penalty. He had first hit song with his interpretation La Complainte des infideles (The Rime of the infidels), a song from the film La Maison Bonnadieu/The House Bonnadieu (1951, Carlo Rim). Jacques Canetti, a famous talent agent and owner of the cabaret les Trois Baudets (Three Donkeys) lead Mouloudji to success. He let him record Comme un p'tit coquelicot (As a little poppy) , which won the Grand Prix du Disque in 1953 and the Prix Charles-Cros in 1952 and 1953. He had the same success in 1954 with Un

boys before flower movie

boys before flower movie

Boys Over Flowers - Love Triangle (Vol. 10)

• The story of Tsukushi, an average teenage girl with the courage to stand up for her rights. Despite all her trials, she finds herself in a love triangle. Will she ever find her special someone and live happily ever after? Tsukasa’s overbearing mother tries to arrange a marriage between him and Shigeru, the daughter of a well-known wealthy family. Tsukushi faces another dilemma – should she stop the marriage, or help the new couple? Features Five episodes: It’s Showdown Time!, I Will Tame You!!, Love Triangle from Hell, The Turning of Love’s Tide, The Dawning of a New Day

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